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The very silly sausage was the queen of her whole home, until her humans chose to make a tiny baby of their own! What happens when the sausage meets her new small baby friend? To find this out you'll have to read this book until the end!

Based on true events, The Very Silly Sausage tells the story of a family welcoming their first baby into their home - a home already occupied by a very loved and doted on sausage dog, who must learn to share her human's affections.

Lovingly written and Illustrated by Erin Donati.

First published in 2019, The Darling Assembly
Copyright © Text and Illustrations, Erin Donati 2019.

Size: 21 x 20cm
Soft Cover
Pages: 30

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Printed in Australia.

ISBN 978-0-646-80472-9